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2015-Jul-1 07:48

Nowadays more and more people choose to wear contact lenses. There are many common questions for people who wear colored cosplay contact lenses .

How to care for contact lenses?

Every time you use your lenses you should empty out and refill the case with fresh solution. Do not just top it up, leaving the remaining drops of old solution in the case. Keep it properly refreshed. As well as cleaning your hands and lenses, it's important to keep your lens storage case clean and in good condition too. You should rinse it thoroughly with fresh solution after each use. You’d better replace the case every three months. Never put the solution and contact lenses case in the bathroom or under the direct sunlight.

How to apply and use contact lenses in the right way? Is there any special instructions?

People who wear contact lenses for the first time can't wear it more than 4 hours a day in a week. Not more than eight hours a day for people who have already worn contact lenses. Applying contact lenses half hours later after washing in the morning for eyes fill with secretions after getting up. You must remove your contact lenses after getting home at night. Contact lens case must be taken with you while traveling.

If the contact lenses are not worn for a long time, should it be cleaned during this period?

The contact lenses should be cleaned rinsed and disinfected strictly when not use or stop wearing. And the solution should be changed every week. Clean it again when wear it again.

Sometimes contact lenses bond together and can't be separated, is there any other solution?

Bonded contact lenses should be soaked in the solution first. If no bubble, put the lenses in the palm, another hand index finger gently rub the bonded lenses until it open. Or soak the lens in warm water.

Can I swim with contact lenses?

No. The chlorine in the swimming pool can stay in your lenses and stimulate your eyes. And the lenses can easily lost in water.

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2015-Jun-27 12:43

Tokyo Ghoul has been more and more popular this year. So many coplay lovers tend to choose it for their cosplay show. Then cosplay contact lenses tend to be the important part to get the perfect look. Tokyo ghoul lenses make you look more real and natural.

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